Due to VERY LIMITED parking at the Festival, we strongly advise Festival visitors to travel either by subway or bus. The Festival is situated between Jane St. and Glendonwynne Rd, so getting off at either Jane or Runnymede TTC stations is the convenient way of getting here.

There are several paid parking lots located steps from the Festival site. They are just north of Bloor St. West and can be accessed from Willard Ave., Beresford Ave., Kennedy Ave. and Glendonwynne Rd.


You can find maps and other information at the Green P Parking website: http://parking.greenp.com/

There are public parking lots (low monetary fee) near the Festival, just outside of Kipling, Islington, Royal York and Keele TTC stations.  For more information please visit www.ttc.ca or specifically, http://www3.ttc.ca/Riding_the_TTC/Parking/index.jsp.


There are a very limited number of parking spaces on residential streets. Most are occupied by neighbouring residents who have a permit to park on the street. Also, there is parking on only one side of the street, not on both sides. There are numerous street signs posted showing people where they can and cannot park.

We hope that visitors to the Festival will obey the following parking etiquette, otherwise they risk having their vehicle TICKETED, TOWED and IMPOUNDED at their OWN EXPENSE. There will be a zero tolerance policy in effect and no excuses for violating the following:

  • DO NOT park on both sides of the streets, unless otherwise posted. Please obey the posted street signs.
  • DO NOT block any barricades or park your vehicle directly in front of a barricade on either side. This space is needed for EMERGENCY VEHICLES to access Bloor St. should an emergency arise.
  • DO NOT block or park in front of people’s driveways or laneways.
  • DO NOT block or park in front of fire hydrants.
  • DO NOT block or park in front of a handicap-designated stop if you do not have a valid disability permit displayed on your windshield.
  • Absolutely NO vendors are allowed to park at or near any of the metal barricades on the streets that lead on to Bloor St.
  • Vendors will be given a designated time to unload their supplies and to pick them up afterwards from the street. NO vendors will be allowed to break through the barricades. It is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED that all vendors purchase a parking permit for use at the Armadale parking lot, otherwise, they will be parking their vehicle at THEIR OWN RISK if they violate any of the City of Toronto By-Laws.

Please be courteous to local residents. We hope that everyone has an enjoyable experience at this year’s Bloor West Village Toronto Ukrainian Festival. 


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